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Why Choose CB-GOLD for Horizontal Directional Drilling?
CB-GOLD, the next generation of CLEAR-BORE, has proven itself the most cost effective and universal drilling fluid in the market.

  • Superior Rheology: The rheological (flow properties) characteristics of CB-Gold have been proven in both the laboratory and job site as providing better drilled cutting removal from the bore hole than the types of high yield bentonite typically used in HDD operations.

  • High Gel Strength: The gel strength (cuttings suspension capacity) of CB-Gold slurry is greater than that of most HDD bentonite based drilling fluids - you do not need to add expensive additions of Xanthan Gum to increase the gel strength.

  • Excellent Fluid Loss Control: CB-Gold provides a tight thin filter cake which provides excellent bore hole stability. CB-Gold polymers are unique in their ability to actually bind drilled cuttings together to provide an even tighter filter cake than bentonite based drilling fluids - no additional fluid loss additives are required.

  • Ultra High Yield: With a typical dose rate of only 2.5-5kgs of CB-Gold per 1000liters (m3) of water. One 5kg bag of CB-Gold yields the equivalent volume of drilling fluid to that of 30-50Kgs of high yield bentonite or 70-120Kgs of standard drilling grade bentonite. In effect 1 metric ton of CB-Gold produces as much drilling fluid as 7 -10 metric tones of high yield bentonite. Additionally the CB-Gold fluid exhibits superior drilling fluid properties.

  • The Product is UNIVERSAL: One-sack-does-all. Whether you are drilling through sand, rock, gravels or boulder clay etc, no additional polymers or products are needed. Very little technical support is required if you have the correct concentration. CB-Gold exhibits excellent shale and clay inhibitors as well as "anti-bit-balling" properties making it ideal for drilling sticky clays as well as sands and gravels.

  • Salt Water Tolerant: CB-Gold will mix in both salt water and fresh water and can be used to drill below the water table through difficult salt-water contaminated formations.

  • Non-toxic and Completely Biodegradable: CB-Gold is ideal for environmentally sensitive sites (EPA tested).

  • Dramatically Reduces Drilling Fluids Disposal Costs: By adding of a small dose of Calcium Hypochlorite to a full pit or tanker full of used CB-Gold slurry it will break down overnight to approximately 20-30% semi-solid material and 70-80% water. Thus disposal costs are dramatically reduced by up to 90%.

  • Zero Percent Sand Content: CB-Gold does not contain any minerals so it does not contain any grit (bentonite typically contains 0.5 - 4.0% grit). CB-Gold fluid is proven to reduce mud pump wear and reduce associated operating costs.

  • Versatile: CB-Gold is fully compatible with bentonite slurry. Added to hydrated bentonite slurry CB-Gold provides an extremely cost effective one-bag additive for increasing the Gel strength and fluid loss control characteristics of bentonite whilst also creating clay and shale inhibition.

  • Reduced Storage, Transport and Handling Costs: Because of the small volumes required (one tenth of that of bentonite) there are reductions in storage and transport costs as well as manual handling benefits. The ease of use is perfect for operators.

  • Easy Mixing with Reduced Down Time: Unlike most drilling fluids CB-Gold mixes quickly and easily through a standard venturi hopper, typically reaching optimum drilling fluid properties within 5 minutes (most drilling fluids which take at least 20 minutes to fully hydrate).

  • Recycles: unlike most polymer based drilling fluids CB-Gold is easily recycled through standard recycling units.

  • Stable: For long and large diameter bores CB-Gold can be ordered with an added stabilizer which will increase its operating life from 3 - 4 weeks to well over 3 months.
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.


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