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Case Studies of Projects using Clear-Bore or CB-Gold
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.

Case Study #1:
  Cape Canaveral Space Center
Boring Contractor: Trenchless Specialties
Owner:  Cape Canaveral Space Center, NASA

A number of remidity wells were installed to decontaminate environmentally sensitive areas. Because of Clear-Bore’s ability to biodegrade, disposal cost of contaminated returns were kept to a minimum. A smaller than originally planned directional drill was used (VIRMEER 7-11) experiencing no problems with pullback.  Frack outs were kept to a minimum and clean up was very easy. Clear-Bore around wells naturally biodegraded in about 10 days leaving wells in natural soil greatly improving their efficiency. The returns were stored in a line rollback, bleach was added to the returns causing Clear-Bore to biodegrade within 24 hours.  Water was pumped off the top and only cuttings were left to dispose of. Total cost of drilling was substantially reduced using Clear-Bore.

* * * * * * * * * *

Case Study #2: Remidity Well in Zellwood Florida
Boring Contractor:  Trenchless Specialities
Owner:  Orange County Florida

A 1,500 ft long, 40 ft deep, 8” remidity well in Zellwood, Florida, was installed. Because of Clear-Bore’s amazing ability to form the most effective cake layer in the industry, the total amount of drilling fluid was reduced by 50%. Due to Clear-Bore’s one bag mix and it’s ability to work as well in clay, gravel and rock as it does in sand and very wet conditions, no expensive additives were ever used!  Upon completion of the pull back the well was purged using a Clear-Bore and bleach slurry causing the drilling fluid to biodegrade within 24-30 hours leaving the well in natural surrounding soil. The clean up of this site was completed in about 1 1/2 years, well short of the 4 years projected by the engineers. Total expenses and clean up time were dramatically reduced.  Due to Clear-Bore’s amazing characteristics the well was 80% more efficient. 

* * * * * * * * *

Case Study #3:  Bore 800 ft under Port of Cape Canaveral
Boring Contractor: Trenchless Specialties
Owner: Port Authority

800 ft bore pulling back 3, 4” casings under Port of Cape Canaveral.
Used American Auger DD-6.  Clear-Bore’s amazing ability to work in salt water intrusion and stay in the borehole resulted in the total amount of slurry being reduced.  Because Clear-Bore has no sand/grit content wear on pump was greatly reduced.  No expensive additives were required.  Drill never exceeded 50% of capacity and total time on bore was greatly reduced. This was priceless due to the Port being closed to contractors for the weekend. On final pull back the last two rods, reamer and conduits were all pulled out of the ground using the tracks on the machine for pull back!

* * * * * * * *

Case Study #4:  Florida Power & Light
Boring Contractor:  FPL

Consulted on a project with FP&L, So FL, as they were using a 54” auger to set 100 ft (+/-) concrete polls.  They were backfilling with gravel in an effort to keep the borehole open and had used a variety of mixes and additives.  All the mixes were different.  None worked due to the challenging, changing soil conditions. Then they tried the CB-Gold.  Using only 1/2 cup of mix, it completely hydrated in 10 minutes and eliminated the guesswork of changing soil conditions. Poles set! Easy to use. No clean up.  Job completed.

Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
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