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Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.

     Your drilling solution!

Exclusive manufacturers and worldwide distributors of CB-GOLD biodegradable, all purpose, one bag mix drilling fluid! CB-GOLD, the next generation of CLEAR-BORE drilling fluid now being manufactured in the USA!

CB-GOLD is the evolutionary breakthrough in drilling fluid for HDD and tunneling operations alike. CB-GOLD is a natural biodegradable drilling fluid and can be used in a variety of drilling and tunneling operations. Produced from dry free flowing polymers, CB-GOLD, provides exceptional borehole cuttings removal in all soil conditions. Its rheology and environmental characteristics have never before been available in one product just look below at its functions and properties:

  Check CB-GOLD makes remidity wells in contaminated soil up to 80% more efficient.
  Check CB-GOLD will naturally biodegrade in 4 to 6 weeks and can reduce clean up/disposal cost by up to 80%
  Check CB-GOLD is super slippery, stays in the bore hole thereby reducing the quantity of slurry needed
  Check CB-GOLD works in any and all soil conditions, even salt water and phosphorus mines, without any additives! No more expensive additives
  Check CB-GOLD can be used as an additive to betonite and be recycled over and over
  Check It only takes 22lbs of CB-GOLD to make 1000 gallons of drilling fluid at a 60 viscosity
  Check CB-GOLD can cut restoration cost in environmentally sensitive areas up to 100%
  Check CB-GOLD: Your drilling solution!!
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc. Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
Exclusive manufacturers and world wide distributors of CLEAR-BORE biodegradable drilling fluid.
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Clear-BoreUSA, Inc.
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